Defining What Success in Life Means to You 

by | Oct 4, 2023 | Motivation

“Success” means different things to everyone. Maybe for you, it means finally hitting a big business goal you set a few years back. For someone else, it may mean making it to the gym five times during the week, or finally perfecting a recipe they’ve been working on. The point is that we’re all chasing very different goals, and because of that, success in life may not look the same for you as it does for others.

Why am I telling you this and why should you care? Simple—because your journey is YOURS. Success is deeply personal to each one of us, and because of that, it’s up to you to define it for yourself. How can you learn to focus on your own lane, and take your goals—whatever they may be—into your own hands? 

Decide what you want. 

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This is probably the most important tip I can give you … and it’s also the toughest to implement. We’re constantly influenced by those around us—friends, family members, even complete strangers we walk past on the street. We care what others think, and because of that, we let their opinions influence our actions. Is this a bad thing? No, not always. But when it comes to chasing what will make you happiest, it’s essential to let go of what everyone else wants and focus on what YOU want, instead. 

That brings up the big question: What do you really want? Deep down, you may already know the answer to this question, or maybe you have absolutely no clue. No matter how you’re currently feeling, ask yourself these questions: 

  1. What are you doing when you feel the happiest?  
  1. What would you do if there were no limits? 
  1. What do you value the most? 
  1. If you already know what you want to do: Why are you hesitating? 

Seeing a common theme in your answers? Whether you’ve discovered you’re content with the path you’re on, or you’re coming to the conclusion that it’s time to try something new, true success and happiness are found in doing what feels best for you. 

Success can change.  

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It’s important to remember that the way you defined success in life when you were 12 may not be the same way you define it today (thank goodness for that, right?). As we grow and change, our goals and aspirations change right along with us. 

Getting to know yourself is a journey. When you feel that tug toward something new, trust that it’s your intuition leading you in the right direction. Let go of where you thought you would be and accept where you are. If (and when) your definition of success changes, change with it

Take action.  

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What’s the value of success in life if we’re not actually doing anything to achieve it? Is it just this unicorn far off in the distance that we’re saving for “someday”? Once you’ve decided to chase a dream of yours, go after it, full force. Tell someone else how excited you are about it. Most importantly, do it now—don’t wait. Set your goals and then bring them to life. The longer you put off the things you want, the more time you’re leaving for fears and doubts to creep in. Silence those fears by creating a plan and putting it into action. 

Find True Success in Life

True success is found in feeling happy and fulfilled. We tend to overcomplicate the process of finding that happiness and fulfillment when it’s actually quite simple: Do what you love. The rest will follow. 

Once you’ve figured out what success means to you, it’s time to start making progress toward your goals! Read my post for a few productivity tips