Four Steps to Your Best Skin Ever

by | Jun 1, 2022 | Health and Beauty

For most people, the concept of skincare is pretty intimidating. How do you know which products are right for your skin type? What even is your skin type? And what in the world is toner supposed to be used for? 

Let’s start by remembering that the “right” skincare products will be different for everyone. Just because your friend is raving about their new cleanser, doesn’t mean that it will give you the same results. So, before you dive in and spend crazy amounts of money on a skincare system that isn’t best for you, read this post. I’ll help you create a skincare routine that makes you feel great from the inside out. 

What’s my skin type?

Before we can talk about specific products, we must first identify your skin type. Why? Because like I mentioned previously, skincare isn’t one-size-fits-all. By figuring out your skin type, you’ll be able to pinpoint the products that will give your skin what it needs. Here’s a quick rundown: 

  • Dry: Skin looks red and cracked and feels tight and flaky.
  • Oily: Skin appears shiny and feels greasy.
  • Combination: This is exactly what it sounds like—a combination of dry and oily skin. Your face generally feels oily in warm weather and dry in cold weather. 
  • Normal: Skin has very few imperfections and doesn’t get irritated.

Still unsure of your skin type? Read this article for more information. Once you’ve figured it out, we can dive into the fun part … creating your routine! 

Step 1: Cleanser

Artistry Skin Nutrition™ Balancing Jelly Cleanser

Photo Credit: Amway™

Think of your skincare routine as art—cleansing your face before using your other products ensures that you’re starting off with a blank canvas. Here are my favorite cleansers based on skin type: 

Step 2: Toner

Alright all you toner skeptics, this one’s for you! Toner is responsible for helping your skin feel smooth, balancing your pH level, and getting any of the dirt and oil that your cleanser may have missed. So, it’s about time we show this product the love and appreciation it deserves! Choose one of these toners to add to your routine: 

Step 3: Serums and Amplifiers

This step is a fun one because rather than focusing on the product for your skin type, you can focus on your skin goals. If you have an objective in mind for your skin, these products are sure to get the job done!

Step 4: Moisturizer

Artistry Skin Nutrition™ Hydrating Day Lotion SPF 30

Photo Credit: Amway™

This step isn’t just for those with dry skin—we all need a good daily moisturizer to keep our skin looking fresh! Try out my favorites for your skin: 

Are there other products you could add to your skincare routine? Of course. Once you have these four basic steps down, you can start using additional options like exfoliators, face oils, spot treatments, and so on. More than anything, as you get going, I hope you’ll find the world of skincare less overwhelming, and maybe even fun! 

Now that you’ve got skin that makes you feel like your best, most confident self, it’s time to better other areas of your life! Read my post on creating a personal development routine, here.