Hopeless & Depressed? How Do You Find Purpose During Hard Times

by | Oct 15, 2018 | Purpose

They say we are all born into this world for a reason and discovering that reason will give a deeper meaning to our existence. When you finally understand your goals in life, you begin to see your ultimate purpose. The journey towards finding your happiness may be easier when everything is going well in your life. During times of success and abundance, your purpose may shine as clearly as the morning sun. But as the quote goes, “Life is not always sunshine and rainbows.” Sometimes, the road ahead can get so rough, that you feel you cannot even manage to take one step forward.

So how is it possible to discover your life’s purpose during times of heartbreak or despair? Should you even be concerned about purpose when your present life feels like a total disaster? The answer is absolutely yes. The following reminders may help you rise above the difficulties and find your purpose in the process.

Acknowledge your pain

You cannot battle your depression without looking at it straight in the face. It may mean that you do not have to force yourself to keep a brave front to everyone all the time. When you accept your current low state, it becomes easier to seek help and others will also understand you better. Acknowledge that you are hurting but do not forget that what you are going through may just be a phase so you need to take steps to overcome it.

Find the strength to help others

At times, when it feels like you cannot even help yourself, you may want to seriously consider taking steps to be of service to others. Even when you lack the enthusiasm to face the world, try to fight the urge to isolate yourself from society. Instead of locking yourself up in your room, go out to observe your surroundings and you may just realize that so many are in a situation worse than yours. This will hopefully open your eyes to the reality that even during tough times, you still have many things to be thankful for. In addition, you are given opportunities to offer your assistance. Once you decide to lend a hand to those in need, your own troubles become lighter and you realize you are doing yourself a greater favor.

Do things that make you happy

At times when you feel empty, you want to fill the void inside by doing things that give you joy. It can be simple things like a visiting a beach, reading a book, or watching a movie. It may also be the perfect time to engage in artistic pursuits such as writing stories, composing songs, or creating artwork. You may just create something wonderful and unique as you release the negative emotions with things that you are passionate about.

To lead a life without purpose is like walking with your eyes tightly closed. You are unsure about what is happening around you, have no idea where you are headed and don’t understand why you keep going on. So even as you tread through life without any joy in your heart, it is important to keep on searching for your purpose. Who knows? Your life’s purpose may be the hidden gift that is waiting behind the hardships and depression that you are currently experiencing.