Lead with Compassion 

by | May 3, 2023 | Leadership

What’s the secret ingredient to being a good leader? What separates the good leaders from the great? Everyone’s answers to these questions might look a little different! I think we can all agree that it takes hard work, passion, and a whole bunch of learning experiences to be effective in a leadership role. However, I believe that the most important factor in resonating with people is the ability to lead with compassion.

I know, I know … “heart” is a broad concept. When it comes to leadership, people always talk about how important it is to give your best to others, but how can you be sure you’re really doing that? Let’s take a look at how you can lead in your business and change the lives of those around you with a little more heart. 💖 

Put people first. 

A person holds up a pink heart on a stick against a blue wall.

Sometimes we forget that everyone we deal with is human. We all have things happening behind the scenes that nobody necessarily knows about, so be kind. Choose to be that person who makes everyone around you feel valued, seen, and supported. Here are a few real ways to put people first in your everyday life: 

  • Look for opportunities to build others up. 
  • Create a positive environment that everyone wants to be part of. 
  • Listen to people and get to know them below the surface level. 
  • Practice acts of kindness. (Bonus: This is also a leadership strength.) 

No matter what you have going on, you’re always in control of the way you treat people. We better our own lives in the process of bettering those around us.  

Lead by example.  

If you want to lead others to become good people, you have to be a good person. If you want those around you to work hard, you have to be a hard worker. Leading with your heart means practicing what you preach on a daily basis. Be willing to get your hands dirty to set a good example!  

  • Learn how to handle adversity. Don’t just give up when setbacks come your way. Stay committed to your goals, regardless of circumstances.  
  • Keep your promises. Don’t be the wishy-washy person who only follows through when you feel like it. Do what you say you’ll do! 
  • Be positive (even when you really don’t feel like it). 
  • Trust the people on your team. No need to micromanage … serve as a guide, instead. Give people the tools they’ll need to be successful, and then trust that they can handle their own work.  

It’s cool to care. 

A group of people stand on top of a mountain at sunset.

Anyone who’s been successful could sit around and simply tell people how to get from point A to point B, but is that really what leading with heart is all about? No. It’s about taking it a level deeper. It’s about sharing why your journey mattered to you and helping others discover why their journey matters to them. To make it simple, I broke this process down into two steps: 

Step 1: Find your “why.” 

What makes achieving your goals so important to you? What do you focus on to keep yourself going through tough times? The answers to these questions will help you discover your “why” … a.k.a., the reason you do what you do.  

Step 2: Help others find their “why.” 

Once you know your “why,” it’s your responsibility to help others discover their own! Use your journey as a jumping off point to help others define their own motivations. Read this article to learn how to help people find purpose in their work

Lead with compassion and heart.

At the end of the day, leadership is so much more than just telling people what to do or being “in charge” (whatever that means). It’s about using your story to help people write their own and blazing a trail for others to follow. Lead with your heart today, tomorrow, and always

Your heart is an important factor in achieving success in anything you set out to do. Read my post to learn how to make your goals happen