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Daily Ways to Be a Blessing to Others 

It’s easy to live day by day focusing on our own responsibilities. But finding ways to be a blessing to others will bring a sense of purpose and joy to our daily lives. Whether it's through small acts of kindness, offering a listening ear, or sharing our resources,...

A wooden sign has the word, ”bless” written in cursive on it.
Personal Development

Make the Most of TODAY 

Another day, another opportunity to work toward your goals! Feeling like your days are starting to blend together? Not sure where all that motivation you had last month ran off to? It’s time to get re-committed and make the most of TODAY!  It’s easy to check...

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Best Places to Eat in Oahu, Hawaii 

Planning a trip to Oahu, Hawaii, sometime soon? Prepare yourself for stunning views, great beaches, rich history, and amazing food you won’t find anywhere else! While there is so much that this incredible island has to offer, I’m sharing a few can't-miss...

The sun sets over the ocean, surrounded by palm trees.

Defining What Success in Life Means to You 

“Success” means different things to everyone. Maybe for you, it means finally hitting a big business goal you set a few years back. For someone else, it may mean making it to the gym five times during the week, or finally perfecting a recipe they’ve been working...

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Tips for Tackling Tough Conversations 

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, I think we can all agree that tough conversations are … uncomfortable. That's why so many of us avoid them at all costs. In fact, research shows that one in four people have been putting off an uncomfortable conversation...

An outline of a human head with three lines symbolizing talking is drawn on a chalkboard.