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Lead with Compassion 

What’s the secret ingredient to being a good leader? What separates the good leaders from the great? Everyone’s answers to these questions might look a little different! I think we can all agree that it takes hard work, passion, and a whole bunch of learning...

Mandy Yamamoto stands on stage with her arms in the air, holding hands with Matt and Sandee Tsuruda on either side of her.
Personal Development

Creating Meaningful Connections 

Humans need other humans—it's just the way we’re wired. Our lives are richer, and a lot more fun, when we establish meaningful connections with others. Not to mention, having good relationships does wonders for your health and wellbeing (read up on the research...

Mandy Yamamoto™, Matt and Sandee Tsuruda™, and Shane and Joey Yadao™ smile for the camera, dressed in business formal attire.
Personal Development

Rediscovering Routine 

We all know how it goes: You’ve got a great routine going, you’re living your most productive life, you’re making great progress on your goals … and then, life happens. You get sick. Things don’t go according to your plan. Life throws you a curve ball. And before...

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Tips on Changing Your Direction in Life

We’ve all heard the motivational sayings … “pursue your passion,” “chase your dreams,” or even the classic, “reach for the stars!” However, these are all easier said than done, right? When you’ve been heading down a certain path—whether intentionally or...

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Personal Development

Networking as an Introvert

I think we can all agree that networking isn’t always easy, whether you’d consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert. Those awkward conversations that seem to have no end, the long, drawn-out pauses … if you’re cringing right now, I know you understand what I...

Personal Development

Your Best is Good Enough

The comparison game is real. Just when you start to feel good about your progress, someone else blows right past you and reaches their goals in what feels like record time. And you’re left standing there, thinking … Am I doing something wrong? Will I ever actually...