Four Simple Yet Proven Tricks to Build Your Confidence

by | Apr 15, 2019 | Lifestyle

You can have all the talent and the skills necessary, but success can still prove to be elusive if you lack one important trait – self confidence. It will be difficult to make a lasting mark in any venture you take if you don’t believe in your own abilities. So if you have goals and targets to meet, building a positive self-esteem should be a primary concern.

With so many factors in everyday life that can weaken one’s morale, you may start thinking that banishing self doubt is easier said than done. Science, though, disproves this notion. Gaining confidence may seem like a tough goal, but several research studies show that there are simple things you can do that can instantly bolster up your confidence. Discover the following four simple, yet proven confidence boosters presented below.

Indulge in perfume.

If you want to look and feel your best throughout the day, make it a habit to apply a dab of perfume before you step out of the house. You may doubt that it works like instant magic, but there is a study proving that a whiff of your favorite scent can do wonders to brighten your mood and increase your confidence.  A research published by International Journal of Cosmetic Science showed that the participants in the study who used cologne felt more confident. The study claims that apart from making people feel better about themselves, perfume also improved how others perceived them. So if ever you feel a tinge of self-doubt, go ahead and spray some perfume.

Work on your posture.

You rarely see a self-assured person slouching, crouching or slumping. Posture can be associated with laziness or cowardliness. So if you want an easy cure for your low self-esteem, make an effort to walk and sit up straight. Aside from the health benefits it brings, good posture is also an effective confidence booster. This is proven by a study conducted by a professor from San Francisco State University that showed posture can influence how our brains see challenges. In the study, participants who maintained good posture felt confident about tasks given to them whereas those who slouched felt incapable of completing tasks.

Practice healthy living.

If you want to gain strength in order to face obstacles and excel, you need to take care of yourself. One way to do this is by sticking to a healthy lifestyle. This is a choice where you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Aside from keeping your body in excellent condition, maintaining a balanced diet and regular physical exercise will also greatly bolster your self esteem. The result of a research study published  by the American Psychological Association revealed that subjects who engaged in a regular physical work out for six months reported significant positive improvements regarding their self-image.

Be careful with the words you tell yourself.

People who are feeling down are often advised to avoid negative people. Their cruel and insensitive words can make everything appear worse than things really are. Just imagine if you heard those same mean words not from others but from yourself. If you are always anxious or scared, you may want to reflect on the words that you frequently utter. Do you tend to use the word “cannot” instead of “can”? Or maybe you keep on saying that things are “impossible” instead of “possible”?  Everybody knows the wonderful effect that words of encouragement can do, but you don’t have to hear it from others to work. In fact, according to a study from the University of Lethbridge, choosing positive words is one way to empower yourself.

Even people with clear goals in mind will find it hard to reach their targets if they do not have self-confidence. So eliminate self-doubt by making small changes in your daily lifestyle. With consistent effort, you can gain confidence and achieve success in no time.