Quick Tricks To Enjoy A Peaceful Sleep & Wake Up Feeling Awesome

by | Jun 15, 2021 | Lifestyle

No matter how eager you are to maximize your day, there are times when it is simply so difficult to get even the smallest thing done. This is because, despite our motivation to do more, there are many factors that can greatly affect our productivity. One important yet often ignored reason that can slow down your day concerns the amount of sleep you are getting. With research saying that 1 out of 3 adults is not getting enough sleep, you may dismiss it as a common issue that has little or nothing to do with productivity. However, there is a study confirming that a good night’s sleep can significantly boost productivity. So if you have been scouring for ways to get more things done in a day, getting the proper amount of sleep should be one of the priority items on your list. Here are some practical yet effective tricks you can follow to be well-rested each night:

Drink chamomile tea.

Your day may have been hectic so it is just fitting to reserve your night to destress and unwind. It can be as easy as treating yourself to a relaxing drink such as chamomile tea. This herbal drink is known for its calming effect that can induce sleep.  So for your evening drink, you may want to skip that coffee and choose to sip a hot cup of chamomile tea instead.

Have a massage.

Sleeping can be like a struggle sometimes especially for people with insomnia. One thing you can do to cope with this sleep disorder is getting a massage. Research proves that a short back or tummy massage just before bedtime helps promote sleep. You can ask a companion to give you a massage or learn how to do self-massage. With this simple technique, sleep may not be so elusive.

Think random thoughts.

Events that happened throughout the day can follow you until bedtime and rob you of precious sleep. Avoid this scenario by making it a habit to clear your mind of any worries a few hours before bedtime. It is also not advisable to think about heavy things that can make you upset or angry. Instead, you may want to think of random almost senseless things such as your five favorite colors or six favorite flowers. This technique is almost similar to the counting sheep technique and you may be surprised that it can effectively help you drift off faster.

Avoid afternoon naps.

You may be tempted to catch up on inadequate sleep at night by getting afternoon naps. However, the extra sleep you get during the day can leave you feeling very much awake at night. So to make it easier for you to hit the sack early, it may be more beneficial to avoid sleeping in the afternoon. Not having afternoon naps can make you do more work and at the same time exhaust your energy that can make it much easier to sleep at night.

Listen to white noises.

To fall asleep faster, you may want to cap your day off by listening to white noises. These are low to high-sounds that are played together at the same intensity. The whirring of a fan, the hum of air-conditioning, and a static television are examples of white noises. You can then record these sounds and play them at night to help you relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep. This theory is backed up by a study saying that white noise can help cure insomnia.

The quality of sleep you get the night before may indicate how your day is going to turn out. Too little sleep can leave you feeling grumpy, inattentive, and anxious.  Any task also becomes more challenging as it makes it harder for you to focus. So if you want to give your best on any task at hand and increase productivity, you can start by aiming to have a peaceful and enjoyable sleep.