Rediscovering Routine 

by | Mar 1, 2023 | Personal Development

We all know how it goes: You’ve got a great routine going, you’re living your most productive life, you’re making great progress on your goals … and then, life happens. You get sick. Things don’t go according to your plan. Life throws you a curve ball. And before you know it, your perfectly planned routine has gone out the window, and you’re left back at square one.  

The occasional speed bump in your routine is normal—that’s just life: It ebbs and flows, and it’ll never be perfect. But it’s your responsibility to ensure that when you fall out of your routine, you get right back into it when you’re good and ready. Let’s take a look at a few simple steps to help you get back on track, feeling better than ever! 

Go easy on yourself.

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If you’re feeling particularly motivated to get back into the swing of things, it’s likely that you want to run and jump back into your routine, full speed ahead! And while I’m so glad that you’ve got that kind of enthusiasm, let’s reel it back for a second. As much as you may want to get back to your “normal,” it’s best to start slow. 

What does “slow” mean in this case? I’m glad you asked! It means adding activities back into your life over time, rather than all at once. It means not forcing yourself into an immediate routine and giving yourself grace to make the transition at your own pace. It’s more than okay to take the time you need to adjust and find your groove again. 

Switch it up.

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Maybe this whole “getting off track” thing will actually benefit you in the long run! Maybe this little speed bump in your “normal” is giving you a chance to add something new to your routine or take something out that’s not truly serving you.  

Try replacing your nightly Netflix™ binge with a good workout. Or swap out those daily fast food runs with a trip to the grocery store and an hour of meal prep (learn some great tips on this, here). Don’t just jump back into doing the same thing you’ve always done. Take time to reset and consider which parts of your routine are worth keeping around, and which you can improve on! 

Create a schedule.

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For many of us, routines are so ingrained into our lives that we don’t even have to think about sticking to them … we just do. But what happens when we no longer have that repetition to fall back on? We reteach ourselves! 

If you want to get back into your morning coffee and personal development time, get it on your calendar. If you’re hoping to get back on track with your nightly skincare routine, create a reminder on your phone. And If you really want to find your routine again, you have to make an effort to create space for it in your schedule.  

Build your routine. 

Before I wrap up this blog, I want to leave you with a few handy dandy habits to add to your routine if you haven’t already. These are habits that I know will help you increase your productivity, wellbeing, and overall happiness, so try them out: 

  • Drink water—8 cups per day, people! 
  • Find time to read. 
  • Start your day with positive affirmations (read this post to learn more). 
  • Keep your space tidy. 
  • Just like you would set goals for the month or the year, set goals for the day.  
  • Get 6-8 hours of sleep at night (try out my favorite sleep gummies if this is a struggle for you!). 

Getting back into a routine doesn’t happen in a day (maybe not even a week). Like all good things, it takes time. Trust that no matter where you’re at, or how unbalanced you feel right now, you will rediscover your routine over time.  

Skincare should be a big part of your morning and night routines! Check out my post for four steps to your best skin ever