Three Effective Ways To Stay Committed to Your Purpose

by | Aug 15, 2021 | Purpose

To identify your purpose and start taking action towards fulfilling it is no small feat. Yet, while this is already an achievement, you are still just halfway through your journey. Unfortunately, the chance to encounter trials is pretty high and the difficulties may push you to abandon your goals. To find the strength to help you avoid quitting and keep moving forward, check out some of the tips below:

Acknowledge your progress.

Are you so exhausted and disappointed that you feel like you’re ready to give up? Doing so would mean saying goodbye to your dreams, so you may want to take a moment to remember all your past accomplishments. Your victories (whether big or small) are likely to make you realize that it would be a pity to leave everything behind by quitting and doing so may just result in painful regrets later on. It can also make you see how far you have come and how closer you are to finally achieving your goals.

Seek inspiration.

On days when you feel ready to quit, you may just have a quick change of heart by reminding yourself of the reasons behind your purpose. Who are the people or what are the things that fueled your desire to start your journey? Reignite your motivation by seeking things, people, or events that can inspire you to keep going. This can mean that instead of listening to stories of failures, you will be better off following the journeys of those who succeeded despite obstacles. Another way to get back on track is by thinking about the people who will be disappointed to see you give up. It will also help if you choose to focus on your visions and the reasons behind your goals.

Confide in a person you can trust.

Sometimes, all you need is a reliable person whom you know will gladly listen to all your concerns and worries. Try pouring your heart out to someone you can trust and you may just instantly feel better. This person is likely to consider your best interest when giving advice. They can give you the push you need to hold on if quitting would mean a greater loss on your part. Meanwhile, it is also wise to be open to the idea of adjusting your plans or taking a break if it is the better option.

The decision to pursue your passion already makes you a winner. However, embracing your purpose includes keeping in mind that the long road ahead can be rough. The bigger challenge is for you to stay strong and firm until you reach your destination.